1. Conservation Framing
    Conservation Framing
    This type of framing is the most used. It uses buffered, acid-free mats to prevent yellowing and staining of your artwork, along with UV conservation glass to prevent color fading and paper degradation.
  2. Preservation Framing
    Preservation Framing
    This type of framing lasts for generations. It uses 100% cotton rag paper (good for 150+ years) with museum quality glass that is UtraViolet, ray-blocking, anti-reflective (no glare), and water white (no green tint ) with 15% more light passage to see your artwork better.
  3. Decorative Art Framing
    Decorative Art Framing
    This type of framing is most affordable. It uses regular glass and backing for projects to be enjoyed for a few years before being replaced.